Locations of Interest

Ralia's Landing

Town founded by Ralia L'Karith during her second landing in Laridia, situated in a bay on the southern coast of Shutar Island. First, and currently only, port of call in the region.
Situated in an area of coastal saltmarshes, low radiation levels in that region - minimal animal life.
Town has some small farms established to its east, but most food is either fished or brought in preserved from the mainland.
No significant resorces in the region beyond local woods and access to fishing grounds.
Economy consists of merchants selling goods brought in from the mainland, and looters selling their recovered artifacts from exploration of Laridia.


Former Laridian Town, economy consisted of tourism of the local wilderness. Scans indicate low levels of radiation in the area, should be reasonably safe to explore. Local wildlife may prove an issue, but unlikely to be a serious threat.
However, the reasonable safty of the town is known to other scavengers - you can expect to encounter other looters in and around the area.


Laridian Town that served as a transport hub between Sindalos and New Mavek, also the primary transport link to Savila. Scans indicate moderate radiation levels in the area, though there may be pockets of higher radiation. Scans also indicate possibility of some inhabitants still in the area, though unclear who they are. Aproach with caution.