Locate and Recover the Following Items

Data Storage Discs

Keep an eye out for any Discs that resemble these, I will pay a flat 5GP fee for any recovered discs you find.

I may occasionally request that you locate a specific disc as well, those will command a higher price.

Paper Documents & Books

Any and all paper documents that you can recover will bring in a 5SP per document, not per page.
Paper books are 1GP, technical manuals particularly wanted.

Working Machinary

Examples of working machinary would be of significant value, please scan any such devices you find with this tool and I will provide a valuation as soon as possible.

Tools & Equipment

Functional tools are always useful, however I am particularly looking for machine tools and tools for extremely fine work.

For every tool you bring in I'm willing to pay 3CP.
A Complete tool set I'll pay 3GP
An set of particularly small tools I may append a bonus for.
Fine quality tools will earn a significant bonus.

Functional Vehicles

If you are able to recover a functional example of a vehicle, be that land, water or air I will provide a very large reward.

Working Land Vehicle     10000GP
Working Watercraft         50000GP
Working Aircraft            250000GP

Vehicles in partial states of function that are recoverable will earn a percentage of the completed vehicles value.

Lab Equipment

Lab equipment will be required for my work eventually, while I do not currently require it I advise you to keep an eye out for items.

Either leave them where they are and pick them up later, or send them back now.

Either way you will be paid based on how useful the equipment proves to be, scan it and I will assess it as quickly as I can.